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Our Services

The team at Petry Chiropractic and Wellness offer a variety of services to meet your family’s needs.  Most importantly it is our goal to restore proper alignment in your spine allowing you to achieve optimal health naturally.  Additional services below offer complementary support in achieving this goal.





Our chiropractors employ a variety of tools including manual palpation (feeling the bones), range of motion testing, and muscle testing to identify misalignments (or subluxations). Dr. John then chooses from a toolbox of techniques to identify the best way to correct each misalignment. 


For more information on specific adjustment techniques, visit our Techniques page!

Muscle Stim

Muscle Stimulation


Often as part of treatment for an acute issue, our doctors use muscle stimulation therapy as part of your treatment plan.  Muscle Stimulation helps to decrease muscle spasm which increases the body’s ability to filter damaged tissue and decrease inflammation.  In addition, it helps decrease pain.  Electrodes are placed over the targeted area for treatment and small electrical impulses are delivered to the targeted tissue for a specified amount of time.  These impulses mimic the central nervous system’s ability to cause muscle contraction.  These contractions occur at a rate much higher than the body can produce voluntarily.  These contractions reduce inflammation in the targeted area helping to reduce pain.

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray


Sometimes, our chiropractors may need to take an xray image of your spine, or an extremity in order to get better visualization of a patient’s anatomy to assist in determining the appropriate course of treatment.  A digital system allows the chiropractor to take precise images with lower radiation, gives them the ability to enhance images for better visualization, and makes it much easier to transport images between clinicians involved in your care.  


Nutrition Counseling & Supplements


The goal of chiropractic care is to assist patients in achieving optimal health with minimal interference.  Healthy habits support this goal and can assist patients in seeing significant results more quickly.  Chiropractors in the state of Wisconsin are required to earn a certification in nutritional counseling if they choose to recommend and sell supplements to patients.  This means that Dr. John is specially trained in healthy eating habits, the impact our diet may have on our health, and in providing guidance to patients seeking to improve health with the addition of supplements to a diet.  Dr. John is board certified and has completed a postgraduate program through the state of Wisconsin consisting of 48 hours of training in human nutrition. This certification requires biannual continuing education. 


Dr. John partners with select supplement companies like Standard Process, Pure Encapsulations, Orthomolecular and Metagenics to name a few.  Each of these companies demonstrate a commitment to choosing only the highest quality ingredients for use in their formulas.  Contact us today to discuss how nutritional changes might help you live a healthier life.  

Sports Injury

Sports Injury & Rehabilitation


Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or suffering from acute or chronic pain from a sports injury, chiropractic care is a valuable component in your race to the finish line.  Dr. John earned a certification as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians in order to address the uniqueness of these types of injuries with specialized therapies and techniques. 


The Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) is board certified  the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians and completes a minimum of 100 hours of postgraduate education from an accredited chiropractic college. This certification focuses more on traumatic injuries and includes diagnosis and treatment of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot injuries. Also covered are specific emergency procedures to be used on the field of play, therapeutic muscle stretching, athletic and kinesiology taping, exercise physiology, sports rehabilitation, sports radiography, discussions of common athletic spinal conditions, and application case studies. This certification requires yearly continuing education. For more info, visit 

Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics


Throughout the evaluation process, our chiropractors may find that instability in your feet is contributing to your primary complaint.  Custom orthotics from Foot Levelers may be recommended in this case.  When ordering orthotics, our doctors will make a scan of your feet using a sophisticated scanning system to ensure just the right fit.  The use of orthotics can help stabilize a myriad of physical issues including plantar fasciitis, low back pain, knee issues, and more.  Orthotics are custom made and can be delivered to patients within about a week. 


Specialty Extremity Care

Many may be surprised to learn that a chiropractor focuses on misalignments of joints and bones outside the spine.  Extremities play an integral role in overall wellbeing and are misalignments are commonly considered “lifestyle injuries”.  Dr. John are trained to address these misalignments. 

When tissues get stretched by a misalignment of the joint, this activates a weakening of the surrounding muscles.  Finding the weak muscles and correcting the misalignment to restore normal strength the goal.  Some examples of “lifestyle injuries” commonly addressed include: TMJ, rib subluxations, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle misalignments and their associated problems.  In addition, a section of the course is focused on feet and casting for custom made orthotics. For more info, visit:

DOT Exams

DOT Medical Exams

Our clinic is certified to complete Department of Transportation medical exams for CDL drivers.  The exam includes basic vitals (height, weight, blood pressure), hearing and vision screening, physical examination, and urine test.  The urine test is completed at a local hospital and faxed to us directly.  The exam takes 20-40 minutes to complete.  Please call for pricing (which includes the urine test cost) and scheduling availability.

Mechanical Diagnosis

Graston Technique

The Graston Technique® is an innovative, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to detect and effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions, as well as maintain optimal range of motion.  The Graston Technique is clinically proven to achieve faster and better outcomes for acute and chronic conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Adhesive Capsulitis, IT Band Syndrome, Lumbar Strain and Plantar Fascitis. 

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