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New Patient Center

YOU are the center of your care

At Petry Chiropractic and Wellness you will benefit from our personalized approach.  We focus on caring for the people in our community and have a vested interest in ensuring you can live your life WELL.  Our care is centered on knowing you as a person….whether you are a local high school athlete with an ankle sprain preparing for the start of basketball season, or the day care provider with an aching back from hours of up and down, or the mother of an infant with what seems to be a never ending ear infection…..our care will focus not only on the symptoms but on the entire person while together we identify and fix the source of the issue. 


We are committed to your health.  


What to Expect Visit 1:

When you first visit our office, you will be greeted by our friendly team who will collect your New Patient Forms and let the Doctor know you have arrived.  To simplify this process for you, you can complete the required forms from home and bring them with you to your first visit.  Links to these forms are to the right.


Once you meet our chiropractors, they will introduce you to the practice of chiropractic if you are new to this type of care.  It’s important that you have a thorough understanding of the general principles used to direct your care from this point forward. Next, the clinician will discuss your primary complaint – the main reason for your visit - and will discuss your medical history with you.  Then, the doctor will complete a physical exam and take xrays if necessary. 


You can expect the first visit to last about an hour.  During this time, please be sure to explain everything in detail to the doctor and ask questions! The physical exam will include various neurologic, orthopedic and functional testing tailored to your chief complaint. 


The treatment you receive during this first visit varies depending on the nature of the issue.  The doctor might provide chiropractic adjustments, therapy, or make a recommendation for a nutritional supplement.  You may also receive advice on additional self-treatment protocols like icing/heating, home exercises, and recommendations for dietary modifications to assist in improving efficacy of the treatment received in the clinic.  

What to Expect on Subsequent Visits:

Each and every visit is another opportunity for an open dialog with the doctor to discuss your progress, what he’s found as the source of your chief complaint, and to outline treatment options including frequency and duration of care as well as expected outcomes from the treatment.  Our chiropractors also want to hear about any new issues or changes in your health so that your care can be adjusted accordingly.  Often times, the doctor will also discuss nutrition and how small changes in diet might provide a big impact on the way you feel.  You can expect each visit to last 10-20 minutes, although visits may be longer depending on individual circumstances.  


When you’re done, the doctor will provide you with a timeline for your next visit and the team at the front desk can assist you in finding a time that works conveniently into your schedule.


Insurance can be complicated.  Our team of professionals will assist in making it easy for you.  Please bring your insurance card with you on your first visit and we will be happy to file insurance claims on your behalf. 


Petry Chiropractic and Wellness partners with most major insurance carriers including SSM Health/Dean Health Plan, Quartz, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MercyCare, Medicare, United Healthcare, Wisconsin Medicaid/Badgercareand many others.  Please contact your insurance company to verify benefits for chiropractic care.  Our friendly team can assist you if you have any questions.  

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