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COVID-19 Message to Patients:
UPDATED: March 24, 2020:

Petry Chiropractic IS OPEN. As an essential healthcare provider, we are open and maintaining our regular office hours. If you have a fever or are sick, we ask that you call and reschedule your appointment. If you prefer to reschedule a currently scheduled appointment, please call the office - 608-884-3100.

In these unprecedented times, we also seek to find balance. We will continue to consider what's best for our staff and patients and adjust accordingly. As many of you know, chiropractors are among the best at managing musculoskeletal conditions. Based on the strain on healthcare providers in medical clinics and hospitals, we feel it's important to do our part and continue to care for these patients in our office setting.

We continue to practice significantly increased cleaning protocols to minimize any potential risk.  As we shared in our initial post, please try to stay calm.  Your own immune system is your best defense against COVID-19 and so many other health concerns.  It's a great time to focus on making choices that help strengthen our own innate ability to fight disease. 


Dear Patients,

We understand that the recent COVID-19 situation is creating a lot of uncertainty for many of you.  Petry Chiropractic & Wellness plans to remain open for business with no changes in hours of operation.  We take your healthcare seriously.  We have modified our procedures to increase the cleaning and disinfecting intervals specifically related to waiting room furniture, door knobs, and adjusting room tables.  Feel free to use our restroom to wash your hands before and/or after your adjustment.   

If you have a fever or are not feeling well, please call and reschedule your appointment. 


Our own immune systems are the best defense against COVID-19 and many other viruses we deal with on a regular basis. 

  • Remember to wash your hands often with soap for 20 seconds! 

  • Make healthy diet choices to help keep your immune system strong!  More greens, less processed and sugary foods, cut back on dairy.

  • Many studies indicate and immediate immune system boost following a chiropractic adjustment.  Help your immune system function properly – continue getting adjusted! 

  • Get plenty of exercise and get outdoors! Movement and sweat are good for our immune systems and our brains.

  • Ask your chiropractor for tips and information on immune boosting supplements, like Monolaurin and PRO Pro. 

  • Get plenty of sleep.  Your immune system requires large amounts of energy, so it depends on adequate sleep to function at full capacity. 

  • Finally, try to stay calm.  Stress can decrease our body’s ability to fight.  Remember that the vast majority of people infected will recover just fine with little to no medical intervention. Additional precautions are primarily in place to support the elderly and immunocompromised. 


We are here for you!

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