Our doctors regularly see patients struggling with movement.  They may be recovering from an injury, trying a new workout regimen, elderly with decreased range of motion, an athlete working to reach the next level, a busy mom or daycare provider doing a lot of bending and lifting, a hairdresser dealing with repetitive motion injuries….and many, many others in between.  Every day we see people striving for better mobility and fitness – at ALL ages – it’s more critical than ever that we help facilitate that progression in a safe and healthy manner.  


Foundational Fitness – This is a Doctor led and observed group class (6 people max) designed to help you develop sound movement patterns for specific exercises to help you meet your fitness goals in a safe manner to minimize potential for injury.  Each participant received education specific to individual needs, goals, and objectives.  When movements are mastered, participants are able to progress to the Performance Fitness course. 


Performance Fitness – This Doctor led and observed group class is a progression from our Foundational Fitness course.  The goal is to transition the movements you’ve practiced into more advanced exercise progressions. 


WHERE: Petry Chiropractic and Wellness, 75 W Fulton in Edgerton


While we have facilities on site to support our rehabilitation and group programs, we are not a fitness center.  It is our goal to help you develop SAFE movement patterns to facilitate your success in the fitness program of your choice.  We’ve already developed great working relationships with some of the top personal trainers in Janesville and look forward to seeing continued success!


WHO: Truly anyone with an interest in establishing safe movement patterns in a Doctor supervised environment.  All participants must have an initial evaluation with Dr. Drew to allow customized and individualized programming. Our patients range from youth athletes to NFL prospects and Olympic hopefuls, from weekend marathoners to busy moms and the elderly….and everywhere in between. 


HOW: Please call the clinic at 608-884-3100 for available times and to schedule.


INSTRUCTOR INFO: Dr. Drew Eliszewski joined our clinic earlier this year.  He has a passion for exercise and rehabilitation and has spent the last 10 years becoming an expert.  He started his path with a certificate in Personal Training.  Through his 7 years of additional education and 2 years of clinical experience, he went on to gain a deep and thorough understanding of the human body’s structure, muscle composition, and how to safely optimize human performance.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, he’s also an expert in anatomy, physiology, and neuromuscular stabilization. 

75 W. Fulton Street

Edgerton, WI 53534


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